Monday, May 23, 2011

It's already been a year

Last year on this day, May 23, I was shot in the eye point blank with an airsoft gun.
It was a Sunday afternoon while me and my friends were having a friendly game at our local field. A few games passed and everyone was starting to get tired. The breaks we had in between each game was getting longer and longer as time passed.
During what seemed to be the last break of the day before we head out to play the final match, my friend walks over to me while I was getting my gear ready. Being in the safe zone, I had taken off most of my protective gear to cool off from the hot day. Everyone in that zone did the same, all guns should have its safety on so there was nothing to worry about.
So going back to my friend, he walks over to me and thought it would be funny to shoot his gun and have a small blast of air go to my face. He removed the magazine from his gun so he thought nothing would shoot out, people forget that there can still be a BB even after removing the mag. He calls my name, as I turn my head to look up at him BAM! The BB hit my right eye. I became instantly blind, it hit right in between the iris and sclera. My eyelids didn't even get hit, I had my eye wide open.
Wanna know something ironic? A week before I just bought myself ballistic goggles, the same ones the military uses. I bought them to prevent something like this from happening while playing. My first reaction was to put my hand towards my eye and keep my eye closed. Then started to yell out "What the F***", "Why would you do this" and all that stuff.
My yelling soon attracted other players and crowded to see what has happened. The field owner soon came over and asked what happened. He told he to show him my eye was I was afraid to find out how bad it was.
Thankfully the BB just bounced off instead of going inside. (The gun I was shot with was shooting at around 300 fps) By then people had already called for an ambulance, but I was already thinking ahead. I told my friend to take me to the hospital instead. I had no insurance at the time and I didn't want the the ambulance ride to build up the medical bill I knew was coming.

So skipping the rest of what happened that day. My parents thought it be best for me to seek medical attention at a better place. So around June, I went to Japan to stay with my relatives there and get better medical care for my injury. I stayed there for 3 whole months before returning home.
 On a small side note: next week is my birthday, so guess what I was doing on my birthday last year. haha
I stayed in bed with an eye patch.

This picture is kinda gross. <-Click to see the picture.
In the link is some post-operation pictures of my eye. I took these pictures with my DSi, I took a picture daily so I can see for myself how much better it was getting. (Problem with these pictures is that I used my camera to take a picture of the DSi screen since I didn't have a memory card in my DSi to transfer them properly.)

I still enjoy playing airsoft today but I am more careful about safety now. My friend who shot me is still my best friend. I don't regret anything because I was able to go to Japan again and see my family there as well as have a mini vacation. It's also the time I started talking to a girl, who when I got back, became a good friend then became the girl that I love. She means everything to me now, and I don't know if we would have ended up together if this didn't happen.

So what I say to you, is to always look at the bright side of life.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


For you Pokémon fans out there, guess what I got today.

I hatched a shiny Spiritomb and nicknamed it Rapture. Bashful in nature, Hates to lose and Happily eats anything. Haha

On a side note, I have been hatching a crap load of eggs before this one hatched. I was just looking for one with a Calm nature, but this one just beats them all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have not been doing much since my last post and I am stumped about what to write about.
I just got back from the store and was trying to put my change in this piggy bank I always keep my coins in.
It was so full that I could not put anymore in. So I figured I should pass the time by counting how much I had in there.
I popped the bottom of the pig open and the coins were so full that they stayed in there. I had to really force them to get out. First thing I did was separate the coins, quarters, dimes, nickles, pennies and whatever else was in there.
I think I spent almost a good hour sorting and counting them, in the end I had $50.62
120 quarters, 120 dimes, 104 nickles, 342 pennies. There was also 988yen worth of coins. haha

So tell me what you think about this? Where you you keep your change?
I know this is not that interesting compared to my last post. So let me know if this is something you don't want to see anymore.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Beach

Last night I spent the night with my girlfriend at the beach. It was one of those nights where everything seems perfect, the moon was full and was so bright that it lit up the beach. The place was somewhat empty and quiet, the only other people were a few drunks we could hear laughing at a distance.
We went to have a nice night swim, man was the water cold, but it was beautiful and so was she. After a few minutes in the water my teeth were chattering but I made a few jokes about it saying how im like one of those cartoon characters.
Time passed while we were having fun, but then it got too cold for me that I started shivering. I didn't say anything about it and continued having fun. Then we stopped to look up at the night sky, normally we can see a bunch of stars but I think with the moon being so bright we only saw a few. I was still shivering from the cold and I think that is when she noticed and came over to me and gave me a nice warming hug. It wasn't doing much to stop me from shaking but it did wonders on my feelings for her. This girl really does make me feel like the luckiest guy alive.
I love her so much~

After the beach we went over to a friends house and got some free food and did a lot of talking. Dropped her home and got back to my place to shower off the smell of beach. lol

Thank you for taking the time to read about my night, I never intended to write about these things but it just happened. haha

Monday, May 16, 2011

Party planning

So my girlfriend is feeling much better and she wants to start planning out a birthday party for the both of us.
My birthday is on May 30 while her's is on June 5. Thinking of having it in between those two, maybe on the 3rd of June. (Friday)
The both of us love the first generation pokemon series, wondering if a pokemon themed party would be fun.What we really want is to just spend time with each other and our group of friends.
I would appreciate hearing your opinions and ideas for a good gift.

Sunday, May 15, 2011